Night lamps have become an essential element to accompany the sleep of babies during the first months of life. Many newborns and babies tend to cry out of fear or disorientation when they wake up in the middle of the night and have no visual reference to where they are. This can be solved by using a baby night light, the use of which has different benefits: By using a children’s night light we will give the baby’s room the exact degree of illumination that allows him to remain relaxed if she wakes up, so that she can go back to sleep.

Dalber brand baby night light
Night light from the Light Feeling collection

Uses of kids night light

The first function of children night lights is to improve babies’ sleep at night. With the children’s night lamps, babies will fall asleep more calm and relaxed, which will make them fall asleep much earlier. Secondly, night lighting for babies is an aid for adults: by using it, we will have enough light to be able to move around the baby’s room without having to turn on other more intense lights, so we will avoid waking up or disturbing the baby. In addition, you can also use the bedside lamp for babies as a decorative element of the room. At Dalber we have created a multitude of collections, with different designs, among which you will surely find the night light that best goes with the decoration of your baby’s room.

kids night light
night lamp for kids

Socket nightlight: Dalber’s bet for quiet nights

Dalber night lights plug directly into electrical power. They do not need a battery or batteries, so you will be able to use them continuously for as long as you need. They include a low intensity LED bulb perfect to be able to use the lamp for long periods if necessary. Dalber baby night lamps are made of polypropylene, a material that guarantees a completely safe use of the lamps even over long periods of time. You can find more information about the material from which our children’s lamps are made in this article. The Dalber collections include a multitude of night lights for children with different designs, colors and details, and many of them have a fluorescent effect whereby they glow slightly in the dark.

Night light for baby from the Clouds collection
Glow-in-the-dark kids night light, Moonlight collection

What light is best for newborn babies?

To illuminate the baby’s room at night, the use of low intensity LED bulbs is recommended, with a light tending to warmth. The Dalber plug-in night light includes the perfect LED bulb so you can keep it on for as long as you need.


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