Children Lamps & Teenage Lamps

Every element at home is important for the growth and development of the children’s imagination. To adapt the lamp to every corner of the house where children are is a key element on their development. We have different type of lamps which can be combined depending on your needs. Moreover, in DALBER we are always looking for security for children and the right lamp.

Lighting according to their needs

Decoration to light the room

Strengthen the movement and let the imagination run free! Choose among our different collections for his/her room.

Lighting Ideas

As adults, children need a childish lamp too depending on the activity that they take. Using different lighting sources you will be able to create ambient with different contrasts and intensities so children can enjoy it no matter what they do.

A lamp for every moment

Lighting a room does not only imply providing light. Depending on the type lamp that we use, we will get the right one for each need.

Type of lamps

Ceiling lamps

In DALBER we manufacture three type of lamps for the ceiling:

Hanging lamps Adjustable on length, they include a lighting difusor (removable) to avoid glareness. It also attenuates light intensity. (1 bulb x 60W Max. not included).
Three lights hanging lamps to provide more light intensity as well as for bigger rooms. (3 bulbs x 60W Max. not included).
Three lights ceiling lamps Which go fix on the ceiling. Due to this they expand their light all over the room avoiding any shade chance. (3 bulbs x 60W Max. not included).

Table Lamps

You can choose among different models of table lamps; they can be used as ambient lighting, to read or studying. If you are going to leave a light on all night long, use an LED bulb since not only will help you to sleep well but also you will save money.


The nightlight is used for the little ones so they feel secure in a charming ambience. You will move around the room without the need of any other light and therefore, without waking them.

How to choose the right bulb

It is quite important to pay the necessary attention to lighting, the type of bulb and the right power. In DALBER we recommend the use of low consumption bulbs and LEDs. Due to their energy efficiency, they are friendly with the environment.

The intensity of light is measured in lumen using the symbol of lm. In the case of our ceiling lamps, we recommend between 800 to 1100 lm. And for the table lamps between 200 to 450 lm, depending on how much light is needed. You can check the following chart:


Choose the color temperature of the bulb

What is the temperature of color in a bulb?

The temperature of color is just a relative measure. It does not show a real measure of temperature. It is shown in Kelvin with the symbol of K (previously in the past known as Kelvin grade). It is defined as the temperature at which all thermal motion ceases in the classical description of thermodynamics against a dark (black) body heated at a specific temperature.
The temperature of color is only measured with white lights in all their tones from warm to neutral or cold:

Color temperature scale (K)

n this sence, we prefer the warm light for a child room. We suggest using bulbs with 2500 to 3000 K.


Security in all our children lamps is a priority. For this reason, all our lighting articles follow the most strict security tests under the European Union normative before they are placed in the market. All the tests are run by an official lab which submits the appropriate certificates.

We hope that this little guide helps you to better understand our little world of lighting and color.

DALBER, since 1988 always with the same enthusiasm.