The lamps for kids bedrooms usually present drawings and designs that capture the attention of children, full of strength and color, which makes them one of the favorite elements in their room. One of the designs that amuses the little ones the most is the children’s lamps with fire trucks and police cars. Their bright colors in red, blue and gray tones make these lamps a prominent element in your room as a whole, perfect to combine with the furniture in the children’s room.

children's lamps police cars and firemen
Children’s pendant lamp with three lights, for extra lighting!

Police children’s lamp collection: cute police cars and firemen decorating your space

In the Police collection of lamps for children you will find a colorful red fire truck and blue police cars on an environment that simulates a road, with some little houses in the background and a nice propeller plane that crosses the skies. The words fire and police stand out against the sky in fun ways.

The outlines of police and fire vehicles, as well as the houses and trees in the background are fluorescent, so they glow in the dark!

children's lamps police cars firefighters
The Police children’s lamp collection has fluorescent motifs: it glows in the dark!

The double transparent screen of the Police collection superimposes the motifs of vehicles, located on the outer screen, on the background that simulates the road and the city, located on the inner screen and is behind the vehicles.

As in the rest of the collections, the Police hanging lamps are adjustable in height to guarantee that they will adapt perfectly to the characteristics of the children’s room. On the other hand, the children’s wall lamp from the Police collection is a great option to decorate your little one’s room while giving their wall the right light.

The Police children’s table lamp, also with a double transparent shade, is very versatile since you can place it on any surface to give it personality and special lighting.

The Police children’s lamps collection is available in the official Dalber online store with fast shipping (Spain, Portugal, Italy and France).


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