When we start the search for the children’s lamps that we will put in the children’s room (for which, by the way, we have prepared a fantastic guide that will make it very easy for you) we also look for the right light, a design and decoration that help to maintain an elegant line in the whole of your room. For this, in Dalber we have created numerous collections of children’s lamps that, surely, will fit perfectly into the concept of decoration of the children’s room. Today we propose a collection with a very particular and elegant design: our collection of lamps for children Clouds

ceiling light for children, with three lights, which offers powerful lighting throughout the room

How are the Clouds children’s lamps like?

The lamps in the Clouds collection convey elegance thanks to their design, with nice white and gray clouds that float on a colored background. Among the clouds, in white, black and gray, fine stars complete the design.

The lamps from the Clouds collection are available in green, gray and pink so that you can choose the one that best suits the decoration of the children’s room.

The double transparent screen allows the drawing of the clouds and stars to be located on the outer screen, which in a very visual way seem to float on the colored background of the internal screen.

colección de lámparas infantiles Clouds, decoradas con nubes y disponible en tres colores: verde, gris y rosa.
The children’s lamps in the Clouds collection are available in green, gray and pink.

What types of lamps does the Clouds collection include?

In the Clouds collection of lamps for children with clouds you will find lamps to cover all your lighting needs: from table lamps to ceiling lamps, through original and decorative wall sconces.

plafon de techo infantil, con decoración de nubes blancas y grises, con fondo de color rosa y doble pantalla transparente.
Children’s ceiling lamp from the Clouds collection, in pink.

Children’s ceiling lights

The ceiling lights with three lights are the perfect element to decorate the children’s room if you want to achieve uniform lighting without shadows. They are installed directly to the ceiling and with their three lights they will be in charge of distributing the light throughout the room. They are especially suitable if you do not want to use a cable from which the lamp hangs, either for reasons of ceiling height or aesthetics.

children's table lamp with white and gray clouds
Children’s table lamp from the Clouds collection, in gray.

Children’s table lamps

With the children’s table lamps you will take the light and design of our Clouds collection wherever you choose. It is ideal to illuminate the surfaces of the children’s room, using it as a children’s table lamp, to illuminate the desk area. With its double transparent screen it will give a point of elegance and delicacy to the place of the room that you choose.

wall light for children, with double lampshade and decoration of white and gray clouds
Aplique infantil de pared de la colección Clouds, en color verde.

Children’s wall sconces

Do you want to illuminate an area of the children’s room, but you have little space to locate lamps? Children’s wall lights are the solution! With them you can put light on any wall, and also give it an undeniable point of color with the nice clouds from our Clouds collection. The best is that they do not take up space, so they are a highly recommended option if the room does not offer a suitable place to locate lamps.

The children’s wall lamps can be installed directly to the electrical network (without visible cables) or plugged into the power using the built-in cable.

children's ceiling lamp, gray and with white and gray clouds
Children’s ceiling lamp from the Clouds collection, in gray.

Children’s ceiling lamp

Hanging lamps are a perfect way to introduce general lighting in the children’s room. Dalber pendant lamps are adjustable in height, so they will adapt perfectly whatever the height of the ceiling. With its double transparent screen, through which it generates the fantastic effect of the clouds floating on the colored background, it will add an elegant effect to the whole room. Our children’s ceiling lamps are designed to guarantee maximum visual comfort for children, so they incorporate a removable lower light diffuser that will be in charge of softening the light, avoiding glare from direct light.

pink night light
Night light from the Clouds collection, in pink.

Children’s night light

If you have a baby or small children, surely you already know the importance of, at night, being able to access the room where they sleep without using lights that can wake them up. For this, our children’s night lights are the perfect allies: they emit a soft light, enough to function in the room but very soft, so that children sleep peacefully. In addition, our nightlights include the LED bulb, so you can plug it into the electrical outlet and make it work from the first moment.

You can get our children’s lamps from the Clouds collection in our official online store, with fast shipping to Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.


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