Children's lighting buying guide

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Children's hanging ceiling lamps

Height-adjustable lamps, which include a removable light diffuser that prevents glare.

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Children's hanging lamps with 3 lights

With the 3-light ceiling lamps you will get a superior lighting power. Recommended for large rooms!

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Children's ceiling lamps

With the 3-light ceiling lamps you will get uniform lighting without shadows in the children's room.

Do you want to bring light to the children's room with a magnificent children's ceiling lamp?

Also include color and originality with Dalber children's lamps! Our children's ceiling lamps will make the children's room look the way it deserves.

The perfect lighting for the children's bedroom

The best sellers ...

One of our clients' favorites ...

Discover our Butterfly ceiling pendant lamp for children.
It is the perfect pendant ceiling lamp, with a round shape and die-cut butterflies in various colors.

It is also adjustable in height and has a removable lower light diffuser ...
It is one of the favorites of our customers!

Buy children's table lamps: put light on surfaces!

Dalber children's lamps will be your perfect allies to turn the children's room into a cozy place full of magic.

This is our table lamp from the Sweet Dance collection! A nice dancer who will be the real star!

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A recommendation ?: this is one of the most successful table lamps among our customers

The MoonLight table lamp in pink has become one of our customers' favorites.
This elegant table lamp has a square shape and is decorated with a pink moon and stars.
It is also equipped with a double white screen of moon and stars with fluorescent patterns that glow in the dark.

Buy children's wall sconces: transform the space with light!

Buy night lamps: light up your dreams ...