Children’s lamps decorated with animal motifs are always a success in order to illuminate and decorate the children’s room. The little ones adore animals, so choosing children’s lamps with animals that have the right design will ensure that the new children’s lighting is a success. At Dalber we have taken this into account to design and create our My Little Jungle collection, which brings together a fun design with vivid colors characteristic of nature, from which the collection is inspired.

children table lamp
Children’s table lamp My Little Jungle

Lamps for the children’s room with animals: the most sympathetic version of the jungle animals, now in your room

The My Little Jungle collection of children’s lamps decorates its lamps with adorable animal motifs, among which we will find the lion, the undisputed king of the jungle … and the protagonist of the lamps in the collection. With its intense yellow and orange colors, accompanied by a friendly smile, it will enchant the little ones in the house. He is followed by the laughing blue elephant, which expels water from its trunk. You will also find a crocodile, a toucan perched in a tree and a yellow and orange-spotted giraffe. The double transparent screen allows the animals and some elements such as the sun, the palm tree, the cloud or the letters of “My Little Jungle” to be superimposed on the background of mountains and trees, located in the lower screen. The little ones will love the depth effect generated by the animals superimposed on the background. In addition, the lamps in this collection are fluorescent: the contours of the drawings that compose it glow in the dark. during the night, giving a unique and original touch that the little ones in the house will love.

What children lamps make up the My Little Jungle collection?

In the collection of lamps for the children’s room My Little Jungle you will find the following types of lamps, which will cover any lighting need you have in the children’s room:

Children’s ceiling lamp, with adjustable height so that it adapts perfectly to the height of the ceiling of the room. This way it will always be perfect!

Equally adjustable in height is the three-light children’s ceiling lamp, ideal for those who need even more light in the children’s room.

Children’s wall lamp, to provide the area you choose with the necessary lighting to achieve an optimal environment, in addition to decorating the wall with a unique design and color. It is a perfect way to add points of light to the children’s room without taking up space, since the wall lamp is installed on the wall. You can install it directly to electrical current, or use the electrical cable to plug it in.

In the My Little Jungle collection you will also find the table lamp, with which you can take the jungle animals to any corner of the room, and illuminate their surfaces.

You have the My Little Jungle collection available in the official Dalber online store, with fast shipping in 24 hours (Spain, Portugal, Italy and France).


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