The color pink is one of the most used when decorating children’s rooms, because this color gives off tenderness, warmth and sweetness. It is a color associated with delicacy and the first years of life of babies, widely used in lamps for girls’ rooms, and in other decorative elements that will help create a tender and cozy atmosphere.

girl ceiling lamp
Ceiling lamp with three Sweet Love lights, adjustable in height for a perfect adaptation

Pink baby lamps: we present the Sweet Love collection (with swans and hearts)

To offer you a collection of baby lamps that perfectly adapt to these characteristics, we have designed and created the Sweet Love collection.

This collection of children’s lamps is in high demand as a set of children’s lamps for girls, due to its sweet shapes, colors and cute figures. In it you will find a pair of swans with very tender expression and design, wearing two nice yellow crowns. Accompanying the image is a print of hearts and stars in pink, blue, white and yellow, which give a lively and delicate style to the whole design.

Types of children’s lamps from the Sweet Love collection

The Sweet Love children’s lamp collection is made up of three types of lamps:

Hanging children’s lamp, adjustable in height so that it adapts perfectly to the characteristics of the children’s room.

Pendant lamp with three lights, for an extra light and also adjustable in height.

Children’s table lamp, versatile and perfect to locate in the area of ​​the room that you need to highlight.

All of them have a double transparent screen, which places the pair of swans on the outside and the relief of stars and hearts on the inner screen.

The outlines of the swans in the Sweet Love children’s lamp collection, as well as the hearts and stars are fluorescent, so they gently glow in the dark.

Like all Dalber collections, it is made of Polypropylene, so they are safe lamps for use by the little ones.

If you want to decorate and illuminate the children’s room with the Sweet Love collection, we will send them to you with fast shipping (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France).

These beautiful children’s lamps for girls or babies are available in our online store.

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