Imagine the moon crowning the children’s room, surrounded by funny gray and white clouds and small stars. At Dalber we know the elegance that the moon design transmits in the decoration of children’s rooms, and that is why we have designed our Moon collection.

With our collection of Moon children’s lamps you can give the atmosphere and color that you are looking for to the children’s room, with its decorative moons, stars and clouds. You can also choose the lamps from this collection in blue, gray or pink.

How are the lamps for children in the Moon collection

The lamps in this collection are characterized by their double transparent shade, which gives a very elegant style to their design. On the exterior lampshade, fine black stars are located next to others in pink, blue or gray depending on the color of the lamp you choose.

The interior screen is where the moon design is located, surrounded by elegant white or gray clouds and small stars.

children's lamps dalber
Children’s table lamps from the Moon collection, in pink

Children’s ceiling lamp with moon

The round pendant lamp is embossed on the bottom in pink, blue or gray. It is also adjustable in height, so it will adapt perfectly to the children’s room regardless of the height of the ceiling. It incorporates a removable lower light diffuser to dampen the light, thus avoiding any glare and providing soft lighting.

baby infant lamps
baby infant lamps

You also have available our children’s ceiling lamp with three lights, which will provide extra lighting to the children’s room. This lamp is also adjustable in height and has a double transparent shade, with a removable light diffuser at the bottom.

children's ceiling lamp

Moon table lamp for children: take the color wherever you choose

If what you need is a table lamp to illuminate the surfaces of the children’s room, such as the bedside table or as a light for their desk, the Moon collection also offers you the possibility of getting the fantastic table lamp. The children’s table lamp from the Moon collection, available in pink, blue or gray, is perfect to locate in the area of ​​the children’s room that you prefer and provide the surfaces with the necessary light while decorating their space.

Night light for babies

Night lights are very useful to avoid having to turn on any other light at night, as well as being a very attractive decoration element in every children’s room. Dalber night lights include the necessary LED bulb to work, so you can use it from the first moment. This included LED bulb is perfect to be able to leave the lamp on throughout the night, with which you will get a soft enough light to be able to move around the children’s room, but soft enough not to interrupt their sleep.

Night light from the Moon collection, in gray.

Children’s lamps that glow in the dark

The children’s lamps in the Moon collection are fluorescent, so they glow in the dark. It is a very soft effect that the little ones will love!

children's room lamp children

You can find the children’s lamps from the Moon collection in the official Dalber store, with free shipping within Spain (peninsula).


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