Hanging children’s lamps from the Color Rain collection

Choosing some children’s lamps that add color to the children’s room is important to change, only with the new lighting, the decoration of the room. If the little ones have a room with solid colors, be it pastel, white or wood, putting a touch of color in the room will make it change completely. At DALBER we bring you numerous proposals so that, according to your lighting and decorative needs, you can choose the collection of children’s lamps that best suits your home. Today we present a collection that brings together a multitude of colors in the form of raindrops, giving rise to children’s lamps with a light and colorful aesthetic that will go well in practically any children’s room. It is the Color Rain collection of children’s lamps.

What children lamps make up the Color Rain collection?

The Color Rain children’s lamps collection is made up of two pieces that you can easily combine with each other: the table lamp and the pendant lamp. We are going to review the characteristics of each of them:

Children’s table lamp Color Rain

Children’s table lamp with colored droplets

The Color Rain children’s table lamp, with its double transparent shade, will allow you to bring light and color to the surfaces of the children’s room

The multicolored rain droplet pattern (green, yellow, gray, pink and white) is ideal if you need a decoration in soft colors. Its double transparent screen places the droplets in the foreground, on the white background of the interior screen.

Children’s hanging lamp Color Rain

If you need to give the children’s room a general lighting, and at the same time give that touch of color that makes a difference, the Color Rain children’s hanging lamp will be perfect for you. With its double transparent screen it generates an elegant effect, superimposing the colored droplets on the white background. It is adjustable in height so that it fits perfectly in any room, and it has a removable lower light diffuser that will avoid any glare.

Children’s pendant lamps from Color Rain collection

You will find the Color Rain collection available in our online store, with free shipping throughout Spain (peninsula). If you need to contact us to answer any questions, our Customer Service team can help you by WhatsApp (from the icon in our online store) or through the contact form that you will find in it.


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