You surely like butterflies! Who does not? They are a most delicate animal, an icon of fragility and lightness. If we add color and a unique design to this, we obtain an essential element that will give a very original air to the children’s room. At Dalber we have created a collection of children’s lamps that perfectly captures the essence of butterflies, and multiplies their color with designs that you won’t want to miss. This is the Butterfly collection of children’s lamps for children, which you have available in our online store.

baby butterfly lamps
Children’s table lamps from the Butterfly collection
children's lamps butterflies

How are the children’s butterfly lamps in the Butterfly collection?

Color is the undisputed protagonist of this original collection of lamps for children. In each of the lamps in this collection you will find butterflies in blue, pink, green and orange with a rounded and light pattern, which perfectly convey the sensation of flying, in motion.

In the background, the design is complemented by the profile of the butterflies in a larger size and in all the colors, creating a fresh and fun effect that gives the collection a unique personality.

Types of lamps in the Butterfly collection

This collection of children lamps offers you different options so that you can find the perfect lamp for the children’s room, or even to combine several to form a set that dresses the room with its great colors.

Butterfly ceiling lamp

The pendant lamp from the Butterfly collection, with a transparent shade with die-cut butterflies, is adjustable in height, so it will adapt perfectly to the characteristics of the children’s room. Ceiling height is no longer a problem! In addition, this lamp incorporates a removable lower light diffuser, which will deaden the light to achieve a very soft lighting without glare.

children's lamps butterflies

Butterfly kids ceiling light

If what you are looking for is a uniform light throughout the room, and without any shadow, the three-light ceiling is your option. It is perfect because it is installed directly to the ceiling, and with its three lights it generates a light that is distributed evenly perfectly throughout the space of the room.

children's lamps butterflies

Kids wall lamps Butterfly

With the children’s wall light you will be able, in addition to lighting the room, to easily decorate the wall of your choice. And best of all, without taking up space! You can install the children’s ceiling directly to the electrical network or connect it to the wall socket, you choose!

children's lamps butterflies

Children’s table lamp with butterflies

The table lamp for children, with a butterfly design, is ideal to bring the most pleasant light to every corner of the children’s room along with a unique brushstroke of color.

In addition, we have prepared an article in which we tell you more about the material with which our children’s lamps are made. Did you know that it is one of the most shock resistant materials?


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