When looking for lamps for children to decorate (and illuminate) the baby’s room, we think above all of lamps that have friendly colors and shapes, with delicate and original touches. The newborn’s room is characterized by being provided with very soft colors or pastel tones, with sympathetic shapes that convey the tenderness that the new environment of the little one requires.

The Little Elephant children’s lamps collection is ideal for decorating a newborn’s room. Cute elephants and a funny little bird will add a touch of color to this collection.

What baby lamps can you find in the Little Elephant collection?

In this original collection of children’s lamps you have available the pendant lamp, the table lamp and the pendant lamp with three lights. You can also choose them in pink or blue.

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Children’s hanging ceiling lamp

The children’s lamp for babies from the Little Elephant collection, with its double transparent shade, will bring all the color and delicacy of these beautiful elephants in the children’s room. On the outer screen you will find the elephant designs and on the central screen, a delicate background of clouds, palm trees and a cute little bird.

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Kid’s table lamps

Within the Little Elephant collection you will also find our children’s table lamp, a very versatile option that you can use to illuminate the area of ​​the room that you want to highlight, as well as any of the surfaces. It is characterized by its relief on the upper part and the double transparent lampshade, which, like the children’s ceiling lamp, places the small elephants in the foreground against the background of the interior lampshade.

Children ceiling lamps with 3 lights

The children’s hanging lamp with three lights will be especially useful if you need extra lighting in the baby’s room. Adjustable in height, and with a double transparent screen, it is an elegant and colorful option to illuminate and decorate the child’s room.

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Children’s lamps that glow in the dark!

The children’s lamps in the Little Elephant collection have fluorescence, so they glow very softly in the dark. The profile of the elephants and the trees in the background, the little bird … have a slight fluorescent glow when the room is dark. This creates a unique and original environment that will excite the child.

Where to get the children’s elephant lamps from the Little Elephant collection?

In our official Dalber online store you have this collection available, with fast shipping to Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.


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