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How are the safest children’s lamps?

safest children lights

When choosing the most appropriate lighting for children, we usually look at factors such as the aesthetics of the lamps and the level of brightness. Another aspect that we usually take into account when choosing children’s lamps is that they adapt to the use that the little ones are going to give them, so that they are not out of date in a short time. And of course, it is also important to bear in mind that the style of the lamps accompanies the decoration of the room and is in line with the preferences of the little ones. But there is another factor that we cannot ignore when choosing lamps for the children’s room: safety. At Dalber we manufacture...

How to light a house. Types of lamps to achieve the perfect lighting.

how to light a house

In the previous article we analyzed how to illuminate a house with natural light. Once these keys have been reviewed, we must move to the next point: decide what lighting our house needs for the hours when we do not enjoy sunlight. Each room in your house requires different lighting. To be clear about what factors you should take into account in order to achieve optimal lighting in each room of your house and not overlook any detail, at Dalber we are going to give you a series of simple tips: Choose the lighting in each room based on your activity What activity are you going to carry out in each room of your home? That is the main question you...

How to light a house with natural sun light

How to light a house with natural sun light

When it comes to providing a home with everything we need to feel good living in it, we tend to think almost exclusively about furniture, decoration or the color of the rooms. But to make an accurate planning of how our home will look, previously we must take into account an essential and basic factor: the correct lighting of the house. Using sunlight to illuminate your house is something essential that you should not lose sight of. In fact, once you do, you will notice that your home acquires new dimensions and that corners that you did not take into account regain prominence. The economic savings in the electricity bill is also another good reason to definitely bet on optimal...

When is Black Friday 2020 in Spain?

when its black friday children lamps lighting

Black Friday 2020 starts on Friday, November 27. The starting day of this sales period is always different and corresponds to the last Friday of November. This comes directly from the American tradition, which calls for the celebration of this discount day right after Thanksgiving. Traditionally the offers took place during only one day, but each time they have been extended more in time and currently there are usually several consecutive days of offers. Until when is Black Friday 2020? Black Friday 2020 in Spain runs until Sunday, November 29. Normally there are three days of offers and discounts that are directly merged with another great event: Cyber Monday, which will take place on Monday, November 30.Cyber Monday is especially...